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Dealing with challenge is what defines us. Understanding and applying the learnings is instrumental to positive change. At every point in my life thus far where I have felt stuck, bound, limited or in limbo - I know that my thoughts and subconscious are busy wrestling with something important, and have learned to trust that the outcome will be worth any current discomfort. Mother Nature is always here to show where I fit in the grand scheme of things. The power of transformation and future rebirth comes toward the end of the season, where the potential for new life previously concealed, bursts out from it's cocooned existence in a conker, and is ready to seek opportunity for independence, freedom and growth. Plentiful seeds are released, all brimming with hope and possibility. It only takes one to find good ground and with all the magical ingredients, grow into something awe-inspiring that nurtures further life. From little things big things grow.

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