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“Drawing includes three and a half quarters of the content of painting…Drawing contains everything,

Drawn to Perfection - Masterworks on Paper from the Royal Collection displayed at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham UK. A joyful discovery a few weeks ago. The first Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Rome 1630. The second Carlo Maratti (1625-1713) - Rome, about 1685-90. Part of a larger collection, they inspire, reaffirm and ignite my enthusiasm and excitement for the art of drawing. Something that is encouraged in our childhood, before we can write, is sadly often passed over for more pressing educational needs, and sometimes never revisited. Our innate creativity given free rein in our childhood may be overlooked during the course of our life learnings - and yet remains the bedrock in every creative's life.

"Drawing is the basis of art. A bad painter cannot draw. But one who draws well can always paint". Arshile Gorky

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