Art has been an integral part of my life though only in recent years a professional venture.

The work of the Old Masters captivated me from an early age and has led me toward a new and exciting chapter of learning at the Florence Academy of Art. Here, since September 2015, I have been happily immersed in the study and practice of classical realism.

I believe every life experience serves as potential learning to broaden and deepen our understanding, compassion and human empathy. Such knowledge provides the bedrock for our existence and nurtures our capacity to relate to one another in the time we are here - and through our art - hopefully after. 


For me, the art that resonates, that moves and changes us - is that which captures a feeling, a moment, something of the rich tapestry of life, the substance of our existence in the world that we share. Though infinitely different - we are one in our collective humanity and to capture the spirit of life in all it's varieties and forms would be my lifelong goal.


The miracle and magic of nature and the human form have long fascinated me. I see our paths as inextricably linked. Each has the power to nurture and benefit the other, providing we embrace our human responsibility not to destroy through ignorance, greed or neglect.


Art is a powerful way to capture, express and connect with what really matters.

If, like me, you find your soul and creative spirit fed by the art, music, history, culture, people and, of course, food of Italy - feel free to join me on an Italian adventure.

All artwork on the website is for sale unless shown otherwise.


I hope you find what you are looking for and thank you for visiting.


Sarah Hardy