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"When first setting up the School Prayer Book Company we were looking for pictures to illustrate our early year’s prayer book. These needed to convey the essence and meaning of some complex subjects in such a way that younger children could understand and enjoy them. Sarah’s delightful collection of illustrations met the brief perfectly and have been a constant and vital aspect of the books, which have now gone on to sell over 40,000 copies.


More recently Sarah has also created three different series of more detailed paintings with the aim of enabling schools to introduce and explain a wide selection of key religious themes and events. Her collection, which we have marketed as A1 canvas prints, delivered exactly what we needed. The images are impactful and thought-provoking and have been warmly received by schools forming an integral part of their RE programmes."

Tim Cooke - The School Prayer Book Company

"The beautiful religious art that adorns the walls in my school is always commented on by all visitors, parents and children. They love it!"

Headteacher - West Midlands, UK

I have been following this exciting artist with great interest as she has quickly developed her considerable talent and skills at the FAA. I have already purchased a number of Sarah's early works in charcoal and I look forward to further additions to my collection as she progresses to different media.  I anticipate broader recognition by collectors and the art community in general as she enhances her technical skills and allows her creativity to flourish.  Meanwhile I continue to enjoy her fine drawings on display as part of my private collection."

Investor and art collector - Toronto, Canada

"Sarah has the necessary inquisitive personality to engage with a subject and person to such detail that the translation onto canvas is remarkable.

integrity and genuine connection with people translates directly into her work. As a result of her very unique and special disposition, you will find Sarah to be the most rewarding artist for your commission."

Dee Bounds - Dee by design Pty Ltd

"I have long been an admirer and collector of Sarah Hardy's artwork particularly her beautiful and evocative watercolours. She always manages to capture the very essence of her subject, so much so that even after many years of enjoying her work on the walls of my house in Houston I can still lose myself in them."

Mrs. D. Stemmler - Texas

"An exquisite portrait in charcoal now hangs in my lounge. It brings me so much pleasure."

Nurse - Birmingham, England

"Having seen some of Sarah's recent artwork, it is truly amazing. Her artistic talent has inspired me to invest in some of her work."

KJ - England

"Sarah's artwork is so life like and real - more like a photograph than a picture. I could sit and admire it all day!"

UH - Middlesborough, England

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