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Freedom in Fiesole ​ ​

As the summer days grow warm and humid in the city, it is always a joy to climb the surrounding hills and breathe the cooler air of Fiesole. This enchanting hilltop town with its wonderful market and sense of community boasts a hallowed heritage - including Etruscans, Romans, esteemed writers, poets, artists and monks. Michelangelo would walk to the foothills to escape the heat - perhaps like me overlooking the same olive groves, cypress and Umbrella pines, and from the peace and quiet of its green hills, gaze out over the panorama of his city, at it's centre the impressive Dome of Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore rising up toward the heavens. A city so different now to what it was in his time. Yet in some ways - treasured and important ways - the same.

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