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Summertime in Blighty

Set into a steep hillside, Clovelly has a single cobbled high street which winds its way down the hillside to the ancient harbour, through traditional 16th Century whitewashed cottages festooned with fuchsias and geraniums. The streets of Clovelly are too steep for motor vehicles, which is why for centuries, donkeys were used for getting up and down the street. Nowadays all goods from groceries to furniture are transported by sledge. It is a magical and timeless place. It captures your heart and I longed to spend more time there painting and writing in one of the many beautiful cottages.

"Suddenly a hot gleam of sunlight fell upon the white cottages, with their grey steaming roofs and little scraps of garden courtyard, and lighting up the wings of the gorgeous butterflies which fluttered from the woodland down to the garden." - Charles Kingsley.

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