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The anticipation of spring

Una bella giornata - Spring weather enticed me away from the studio this weekend, then Mother Nature took my hand and showed me all that was new on favourite walks unfrequented this busy trimester. A welcome wake up call and reminder that all we need to nurture mind, body and spirit can be found around us if we take the time to look.

Early blossom, buds, shoots and wild flowers reaching boldly up toward the early morning sun. Up in the hills and woodlands birdsong cut the crisp air, clear and high, announcing the season from treetops. Below in shrubs and hedgerows feathered friends were busy gathering twigs for nests, turning over old leaves to find tasty treats.

Even a chance encounter with Pietro Bonjovi, president of the Compagnia Balestrieri Fiorenti. This is the oldest Archery and Crossbow Club in Florence and situated at the Baluardo di San Giorgo (Bulwark of St. George) built in 1544. Florence's walls once boasted five strategic defensive points originally designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti. This is the only surviving one - but wonderful that this club is able to keep an ancient art and sport alive in such an historic setting.

All around - distant snow-capped hills, swollen waterways, rich sleepy earth and clear bright skies, flora and fauna - all are getting on with the busy business of new life, growth and possibilities for the coming year. After a few hours of restorative time with Mother Nature, I am feeling inspired to do the same - Buona settimana!

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