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Thunderstorms and bicycles

Early morning reveille changed this morning.

Street vendors hauling their carts from storage around 5am, clanking and rattling their way across uneven paving outside toward prime spots on neighbouring Piazzas, were pre-empted by Jupiter.

This King of the Gods flexed his muscle overhead, delivering terrific thunderbolts and sending ripples of rumbling echoes bouncing off surrounding buildings and across the city.

With childlike excitement I flung open the shutters and witnessed the sky-show, feeling the claps through my chest, the fresh chill on my face and watching the sudden deluge pound the paving, washing away the dust and heat of the city streets.

A little later that morning I walked to the studio enjoying the new freshness in the air, as smiling Nuns passed on bicycles. They were glancing up at the same display I was.

Hard not to give thanks and feel humbled.

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