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The Arno in Autumn

The Arno sparkled this morning on route to the studio. Spirits lifted and smiling faces turned to the sun after a wet and humid week.

Returning to sit on the weir at lunchtime Florence showed off her best features. Bathed in glorious light - crystal clear in the Autumn sun.

I wondered how many had sat in this same spot over the centuries. A place of surprising peace and solitude in a city full of noise, life and unmistakable Italian bustle.

Absorbing the wonderful space, light and colour of the scene I found I was sharing it with half a dozen sleeping ducks and an elderly fisherman.

Etched upon his face lay a map of rich experience - lines of laughter, furrows of hardship. What was his story I wondered. And could a painting truly capture it?

Feeling an intruder in a timeless moment I left him at one with nature in the centre of Florence.

Io amo questa città.

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